4 Steps to Avoid Online Casino Scams

Image result for 4 Steps to Avoid Common Online Casino ScamsOnline gambling is a multi-billion dollar business. With that amount of money on the table, crooked internet casinos have come up with new and inventive ways to take the cash. To keep your gambling stash safe, remember these few helpful tips.

Play at a Reputable Casinos

In the UK, the gaming commission has an extensive review process for online casinos designed to make online gambling safe and honest. Some gambling websites register with EU licencing commissions. Make sure you’re playing at a licenced online casino. There are specific regulations and procedures that casinos must follow to maintain the licence. Also, publicly traded casinos are likely to operate in accordance with local laws.

Whichever casino you choose should have the latest technology and solid security to ensure that your money is safe. Check the padlock next to your URL to ensure that your financial transactions are protected. Some online casinos are approved by eCOGRA, Commerce, and Gaming Regulation Assurance.

If you can’t reach customer support before you begin playing, it’s a good bet that you’ll have hard time reaching someone after you deposit your money. Reputable casinos offer great customer support to ensure that gamblers feel comfortable risking money on the website.

Read the Fine Print

Don’t lose your loot because you didn’t read the terms of service. Online casinos operate under specific terms. Be aware of the terms that you are playing under. Knowing the rules helps to avoid any misunderstanding and violations. Also, find out the casino’s payback average and how to withdraw your money before you start betting.

Even though casinos give bonuses to players, they don’t really want the players to keep the money; it’s an incentive to keep playing. Sometimes, conflicts arise when it’s time to cash out, and a player tries to leave with bonus money. Keep in mind before you start gambling that some online casinos view bonus money as player incentive, not cash to keep or withdraw.

Reputable casinos are going to pay in a timely manner, but some casinos delay payment for a week or more. This may entice players to gamble with the winnings, losing the cash to the whole casino. It’s a common trick of dishonest casinos. To keep your money, stay away from casinos that take more than 24 hours to pay out winnings.

Document Any Problems

If an issue arises, keep a record of every interaction with the online casino. Take a screenshot of any problem and save it to your computer. Keep records of all online chat transcripts. Save copies of all emails with the online casino. If there is a disagreement regarding a payout, the burden of proof is on the player to show that they were cheated.

Check Reviews

Frustrated and satisfied patrons often take to the web to leave a record of their online gambling experiences. Rigged software or refusal to pay are common problems, but the casino won’t get away with it for long before the behavior is documented online for all to see. Be sure the casinos that you choose have a sterling online reputation.