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Image result for Incidents of Cyber Crime and Fraud GrowWelcome to nscj.co.uk, a site that provides up-to-date information and resources about online threats, and how to protect yourself from cyber crime to casino scams. Read our in-depth stories to learn how to keep your business and home protected.

Incidents of Cyber Crime and Fraud Grow

Online fraud and cyber crime affects one in 10 United Kingdom residents. It’s a multi-billion pound problem. Using technological advances to make older, fraudulent scams more profitable, criminals have mastered the art of stealing online. Like thieves in the night, they walk away with money, resources, and data, before the victims realise it. With millions of cases of online fraud and crime reported each year, cyber crime is the most reported type of criminal activity in the UK.

Browse through articles about the most common scams used by online casinos. Check out the insane cyber crime statistics that show online criminals are targeting Brits at work and at home. Read stories about how some victims have lost almost everything with little hope of recovering the wealth.

The problem is so intense in the UK, that the National Cyber Crime Unit, an agency on the front line for responding to serious cyber threats, is working collaboratively with law enforcement to track down cyber criminals who victimise more than 2 million Brits yearly.

From ransom ware to using a victim’s computer to mine coins, online cyber crime has evolved and expanded. In the UK, 70 percent of financial crimes involve the use of stolen credit card information. The global cost is an estimated $500 billion.

There Are Ways to Protect Yourself

The UK government is spearheading a project that is similar to drug awareness campaigns, in order to educate the public about of the problem. Criminals continue to enhance the cadre of technological tools they use to target unsuspecting consumers. Meanwhile, potential victims are unaware of or unconcerned, about the magnitude of the growing criminal enterprises. Forty-one percent of people are not familiar with phishing emails, which re-direct to bogus websites or download malicious software.

Businesses and government agencies worldwide are searching for ways to fight the malicious online activity, pouring billions into research and cyber security. The global cost of cyber-security is expected to reach 1 trillion by some estimates. A number of governments are even considering military attacks in response to cyber attacks.

Understanding the problem is only part of the solution. This website explores ways the everyday Brit can use practical solutions to protect information and currency. From being careful who you share information with, to researching people that you meet online, an ounce of prevention can go a long way toward the cure. Implementing cyber security measures, such as using a firewall, provides at least one barrier of protection against would-be cyber criminals.

As you’ll see mentioned throughout this website, software protection, research, and common sense may give you the best chance to avoid becoming a cyber statistic. To report a cyber crime in the UK, contact Action Fraud, the organisation for UK residents to report cyber crime and fraud.